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His Favorite Things 2012

Every fall, I give our Apple Peeler some serious attention. If I’m cravin’ an apple crisp, this is the shortest route to cinnamon apples with an oatmeal topping getting into my belly.

If you get tired of sweat in your eyes, a Sweat Gutr Headband is the solution. (Sweat is not as much

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Trimming the Tree 2012

Selah is clearly ready to trim the tree. She is dawning two princess dresses and Dora slippers.

Yesterday, we gave our tree a shower. It dried overnight so we were ready to start decorating it today. Hubs taught the kids how to straighten out each branch.

Meanwhile, Selah ran around the house

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Whipped Cream

Nothing says Thanksgiving like slathering whipped cream on top of pie.

This box of goodness can go either way. Add vinegar and you’ve got sour cream. Add vanilla + sugar and you’ve got whipped cream.

DIRECTIONS Combine: 2 Tablespoons powdered sugar (regular works in a bind) 1/2 tsp vanilla (optional, still tastes great

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Black Friday 2012

The day started with Schäfer coming into our room and crawling under the warm covers. I told him our motorcycle was stolen. His first question was, “Did it have the chain on the tire?” We took some time to pray for the person who stole the bike. Schäfer offered the money in his piggy bank

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2012 Thanksgiving & Thieves

It’s 9pm and the house is now quiet. I sat down to write about Thanksgiving, but now I can hardly remember it.

The day began with delicious Cranberry Bread compliments of Schäfer. Then, Hubs was off to trim his winter beard while Schäfer found the best spot to hang our “Happy Thanksgiving” banner and turkey

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A Turkey Tale 2012

For a couple of weeks, I went back and forth on if we were going to actually buy a turkey this year. At $6 per pound, it seemed like an unreasonable amount of money to spend on meat.

I went around the house making proclamations that we were going to eat a succulent chicken! (Clearly,

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