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2012 December Daily :: 23 :: Holiday Baking

Schäfer and Sianna were up playing in the living room while Hubs and I slept in until 8am.

It was a glorious morning.

When I came downstairs, I found Hubs and Sianna making carrot/orange juice.

Hubs put Schäfer in charge of waffles.

Schäfer needed some small assistance when it was time to put the batter in, but otherwise he’s a pro. Not a single waffle was burnt.

He truly is such a helper.

The girls both wanted to wear their Christmas shirts this morning.

I asked Hubs to help me get the girls to smile. For some reason, Hubs ran straight at the girls making a loud, crowing sound. It literally made them fall off their stools.

We had carrot waffles with gingerbread syrup for breakfast. Odd, but tasty. The Gingerbread Coffee Syrup was a gift. Since we don’t drink coffee, we figured it would work on waffles.

It was suppose to be a slow Sunday morning. But the day flew by.

The kids painted Christmas trees then watched snoopy.

Today, they will paint the trees. Tomorrow, they will paint ornaments.

Selah paints her first Christmas tree.

Sianna loves any type of craft.

We had some cooking to do for a party tonight so we finally busted out A Charlie Brown Christmas… which the kids will ask to watch non-stop for the next 48 hours.

Hubs made bacon bark.


For snack time, the kids ate their party favors from yesterday’s Christmas party. Right. So the hostess made her own crackers, dips, scones, pizza’s, etc. and had homemade doughnut snowmen for each child to take home.

Then, the kids helped us make chocolate covered pretzels. Schäfer and Sianna loved helping make a Christmas treat. Selah loved nabbing pretzels.



We got into a pretty good rhythm of Schäfer and Sianna dipping while I sprinkled.

Meanwhile, Selah nabbed pretzels. Then she realized there was something going on with the dipping. So she nabbed pretzels then dipped them. Selah declined to put the pretzels on the wax paper. Each one she made, she promptly ate. No need to wait for the chocolate to harden.

2012-12-23@14-16-26 2012-12-23@15-29-25
We made some with sprinkles and some without. According to Hubs, not everyone likes crunch.

We had leftovers for lunch. Then, the little girls went to bed. I cried when I tucked Selah in. Today will be her last nap time when she will be 1.

Later in the afternoon, I cried just telling Hubs about it, but he didn’t join me for a good cry. In fact, he laughed at me and reminded me that we have another one coming.

Schäfer watched Swiss Family Robinson while I made bite sized pecan pies.

Hubs made our 2nd batch of egg nog because our friend, E, is going to run it through her ice cream maker in honor of Selah’s birthday tomorrow. We’ve never had egg nog ice cream before, but it sounded like it would be delicious.

At 4:30 we were once again dressed and heading out the door for a Christmas party.

The party went extremely well, but our little ones were turning into pumpkins by the time they got in bed. Hubs declared it a “no music night” and there was not a single complaint from any child. All were nestled in their warm beds, snug pajamas, and festive moods.

The last night she’ll ever be one.

Sleep tight baby girl. Tomorrow you will be 2.

Our evening was not too glamorous. I was enduring a case of pregnancy exhaustion. I threw some cloth diapers in the washer and called it an evening.

Tomorrow is Selah’s birthday.



I know I’m going to cry.

1 comment to 2012 December Daily :: 23 :: Holiday Baking

  • jdavis2

    Oh yes, the turning of another year makes me want to cry too.
    Stop! Slow down! Time, you’re making my baby grow up too fast! Aand yet, “time” keeps marching on, without a care in the World & without even a concern about my wishes.
    Not having another one on the way, I am all too aware how sweet & painful these milestones can be on a mommy’s heart.
    Interestingly, the last picture of Selah looks so much like Liberty to me that I want to yell at “time” again & cry for how unfair it can be.
    & yet rejoice because I trust His timing.
    Happy Birthday sweet Selah!

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