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2012 Schäfer Wish

Whenever Schäfer says he likes something, I add it to a list on my phone. We try to teach the kids not to say, “I want this.” But rather to say, “I like this.” I always reply, “Great! I’ll add that to your list.” Then I take out my phone and add it to a

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2012 December Daily :: 21 :: Friday Night

Today, all I did was laundry and dishes.

If you came to my house, you would say, are you sure you’ve done laundry and dishes?

I have to admit that I’ve been thinking about our family vacation in February. I do not plan on washing any clothes or dishes. Oh the delight! I do plan

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2012 December Daily :: 20 :: early to bed

The day started with three grouchy kids and two tired adults. I knew from the moment the day began, we would be going to bed earlier tonight. Way earlier.

Selah went through three outfits before 10am.

It was a busy, active morning. She played with paints, marbles, dolls, the farm set, with the kitchen soap,

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2012 December Daily :: 19 :: even more twinkle lights

7:28am Since we are so far out west, yet the entire country runs off of Beijing time (there’s no time zones in China), it’s normally pitch black when we wake in the morning. While I get breakfast ready, Selah starts to rearrange the tree.

At this point, the top of our tree is getting

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2012 December Daily :: 18 :: evening with friends

Christmas is in 7 days.

That blows my mind.

Selah was a handful this morning (understatement of the century) so I got very little done. And I do feel that there is MUCH to get done.

The day went by so fast. Hubs took the kids to school. Selah and I started our morning chores.

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2012 December Daily :: 17 :: happy birthday to me

The day started out at normal. The kids climbed in bed and gave me extra snuggles.

Hubs made the biggest breakfast ever: eggs, bacon, toast with butter and raspberry jam.

The kids headed off to Chinese school. Selah started on her craft projects.

Selah and I started dishes, washing cloth diapers, picking up the

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