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A Wedding in the Village

Last October, our friends were married in the city, but in January they traveled back to the groom’s village to celebrate with his family and friends.

Just before we entered the house, we saw the altar table with incense and food offered to the ancestors.

Once inside the courtyard, the kids found a pig.

OK kids! Just sit here. It’s going to be a while.

Excluding the fireworks that erupted when the bride and groom arrived, there was no formal ceremony of any kind. Villagers brought red envelopes of money and gave them to these men who recorded the person’s name and amount giving in an official log. Everyone knew who gave how much.

After the money was given, a banquet was held. This is the left side of the courtyard.

This is the right side of the courtyard.

The banqueting went on all day for three days straight. Over 600 people were fed.

While the others ate, our family went on a little hike.

Such beautiful scenery.

At 3:25pm the bride called our cell to get us back to the house. Apparently, a “Food Dancing” troupe had been booked to deliver the food to the tables. They did this routine for the next 4 hours until everyone was fed.

These men blew horns to make sure the guests knew when it was time to start or stop eating.

At 5:45pm, we were invited to sit and have a meal.

By this time, the kids had lost interest in the pig and had moved on to the…

water buffalo!

At 6:30pm, we took our tired, exhausted and non-napping kids on… another hike!

At 7:43pm we were told to come back because the fire dancing was about to begin.

The horn was blown and the men started gathering wood.

The dance troupe led everyone around the fire with traditional movements and musical instruments.



The kids and I watched.

Schäfer couldn’t help but join in.

Supposedly, there was a hotel about an hour away that we could sleep in. We decided that since the kids were already exhausted it would be better to drive the three hours home tonight in silence rather than having to entertain the kids for 3 hours tomorrow in daylight.

After about 30 minutes of chaos and meltdowns (remember, nobody took a nap) Selah and Sianna were in dreamland. Schäfer watched Wall-E on the ipod and I tried to talk to keep Hubs awake. The last 30 minutes of the drive was so hard!

We pulled into town about 11pm. We put the kids straight in bed – smoky hair and all. Hubs tried to go straight to sleep, but he couldn’t handle the smoke.

Around midnight, we were all snug in our warm, cozy beds.

2 comments to A Wedding in the Village

  • Mom

    Wow! Interesting wedding! Kids are growing!All is fine except Kaeleb broke his arm.Keep him in your prayers! Will get it set and cast on Fri!

  • Mike Woodside

    Our group has followed you guys for a couple of years. From this website a presentation will be given to show your location, work, and family.

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