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baby #4 – the fastest pregnancy EV.ER.

Today, I am 29 weeks pregnant and only have 11 weeks left to go.

Good gravy. Where has the time gone?

The truth of the matter is that I can hardly keep up with my daily tasks.

Baby #1 pregnancy
I took naps when I felt tired. I laid down on the couch when my body grew weary. Hubs was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. All I had to focus on was the baby.

Baby #2 adoption

Major stress during the unknown waiting period. (2 years)
No weight gain. No swollen ankles. No heartburn. No food cravings or aversions.
Schäfer napped 3 hours each afternoon so I had plenty of uninterrupted time to form a complete thought.

Baby #3 pregnancy

Schäfer attended Chinese preschool in the mornings. Sianna stayed home with me. As long as I held her, she was fine.
BOTH kids took a glorious, synchronized afternoon nap.
If I was tired, then I napped. Otherwise, I enjoyed 3 beloved hours of solitude.

Baby #4 pregnancy

Schäfer and Sianna attend Chinese school in the morning. Selah stays home with me. As long as I keep my eye on her every second of the morning, the house is not torn apart.
Sianna and Selah nap… sometimes.
I homeschool Schäfer… sometimes.
If I must nap, then I set up Schäfer at a table with Lego and an audio book.
Enter Mommy Guilt for entertaining my child with classic literature and improving his fine motor skills.
There’s simply more to cook, more to clean, more to wash, and more to return to its original place.

There are times that I miss the simplicity of pregnancy #1.

1 comment to baby #4 – the fastest pregnancy EV.ER.

  • I can imagine that #4 would be SO fast…I know that it did not seem like I was pregnant with Crosby for any time at all. It’s too bad we didn’t know to appreciate that simplicity of #1, isn’t it? I’m excited for you guys!

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