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Hello Friday


I’m on day 2 of homeschool in the morning, I find it difficult to start on time since the dishes and laundry are screaming my name.

We had a good morning. It took longer than expected to get through phonics. That kind of day. Not that it was hard. It wasn’t. Just that he was done with sitting.

This afternoon, Schäfer had Learning Center so I was once again hoping to get really productive while the girls slept. Except, they did not sleep. In fact, we have created this cave for Selah to sleep in, but she escaped out of it this afternoon. I gave up and got the girls up about 2:45.

I spent some time editing photos, then I washed a mound of dishes. I’m working very, very hard to clean the house because tomorrow is my first “work day” in 7 months. Hubs is taking the kids and I am going to get some time to SORT this house.

In order for me to work well, I need large blocks of uninterrupted time. Clearly, I do not have that luxury in this season with littles. Hubs schedule this fall has been packed. He’s basically been working 6 days a week and only recently built in some margin for himself.

My main goal today is to take care of as many little things: laundry, cloth diapers, picking up the kids room, sorting toys, washing dishes, cooking, etc. that way tomorrow I can focus on the piles of papers and other items that need my undivided attention.

The kids asked to watch Mary Poppins tonight. Sianna’s been asking for a while if she could watch Mary Poppins. I was open to the idea since there is no school tomorrow and having a movie meant the kids would desire to pick all the toys up quickly.

Friday night fun = Mary Poppins + homemade pizza.
Good times.

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