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Homeschool in the Morning

The kids are out of Chinese school. It’s officially winter break in honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year (Feb. 10th). Yes, they get six weeks off. Horray!

So today was my first official day to homeschool in the morning.

It felt good not to be rushed. It was also interesting to try to do school with the girls. (Normally, we homeschool in the afternoons when the girls are asleep.)

Sianna wanted to do exactly what Schäfer was doing. She practically had a melt down because I would not give her a Singapore Math workbook. (As though I keep two around…)

Selah barely made it through phonics. She wanted me and me alone. My two-year-old is not so great at independent play. Sure, she can entertain herself for about 7 minutes, but then she has to move on to the next thing.

Hubs offered to take Schäfer hiking this afternoon. I was so thankful that Schäfer could get outside and get some energy out.

Schäfer asked to take his walkie talkies, 2 compass (one in Chinese and one in English), a spyglass, and a whistle.

Hubs took Schäfer on an upper aqueduct hike above the city.

I had major plans to scrub the house and edit photos while the girls were sleeping. Those plans were derailed when the girls refused to take a nap.

The afternoon seemed to pass quickly. I cleaned and made a French Beef Stew.

Hubs and Schäfer were late coming home because the motor gave out in the electric scooter. Hubs said the scooter shop came out and put in  new motor since it was under warranty. Now we can go twice as fast. Good times.

1 comment to Homeschool in the Morning

  • thadscucchi

    Six weeks, kids need trees, grass, wind, sunshine & lots of acres and supervision. You’re doing a great job, Love you all. PaPaw

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