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Last Day of San You Preschool

Wednesday – January 16

Today was the last day of Chinese Preschool. The kids are officially on break for Chinese New Year. Yes, they get a delightful 6 weeks off! Yippy!

As if our children have not endured enough change and transition, Hubs and I have decided that the kids will be attending a different preschool after Chinese New Year. We selected their current preschool based off the amazing facilities even though it was not near our house.

When Hubs is home, he can get the kids to school in about 15 minutes on the scooter. When he is out of town, it takes me over an hour on two buses to get the kids there.

My morning looked like:
1 hour – ride 2 buses to take the kids to preschool
1 hour – ride 2 buses to bring Selah home
1 hour – clean the house
1 hour – ride 2 buses back to preschool
1 hour – ride 2 buses back home
spend the rest of the afternoon recovering.

We also learned that even though this school had amazing playgrounds and indoor play rooms, our kids never played in them. So while Schäfer was learning an incredible amount of math, he was not getting much physical activity or creative play.

Even though we were tired of the commute and intensive style of teaching, what finally made us search for another option was that the school won an award which made the tuition increase… a lot.

So today was the last day of the semester, but also our kids last time to be in San You Kindergarten. It ripped my heart to change their lives once again, but there was no way we could keep sending them there. Hubs snapped a few photos on their last day.

Sianna’s teacher was amazing. She treated Sianna so loving and kind.

Sianna at her table.

Schäfer’s artwork outside his classroom.

Schäfer’s table.

Schäfer’s class. (One blessing is that two of Schäfer’s good buddies were also transitioning away. One changed to a different class and another also changed kindergartens.)

Schäfer’s water cup.

2013-01-16@08-57-18 2013-01-16@12-22-30
Schäfer’s teachers.

We celebrated the last day of school with popcorn on the “special plates”.

3 comments to Last Day of San You Preschool

  • OK, now I am wondering how this is for Sianna at school? Is she fluent in Chinese? Truly bi-lingual? Will she have more to learn than the other kids?

    BTW, not sure what you are using for phonics but I discovered All About Reading and it is so easy and working really well for Joshua, an ESL learner. All four of my littles are using it and it is so scripted that I can whip it out and just do it. A great program when you have more than a few running around. 🙂 I can see Sianna loving it (even Joy loves the coloring/craft part, Joy will repeat the program next year) and Shafer could do the letters too. Joshua did the letters with the preschoolers even though he already knew them. He is in level one and reading.

    • Sianna is not yet fluent in Chinese. She has some control issues relating to people so she has avoided speaking in Chinese until recently. She loves to go to school so I think it’s only a matter of time. Just after one semester of Chinese school, we have seen her grow by leaps and bounds not only in language, but also in the way she responds to strangers on the street. Considering our life situation, we place Chinese language learning as a high priority in all of our children’s education. Thanks for the All About Reading tip. hugs.

  • Funny. Sounds like Joshua. He turned his Chinese completely off to learn English and his vocabulary is incredible, also little to no accent. He is so easy-going but he really resists my promptings when we are around anyone who could speak Mandarin, i.e. Chinese restaurant, Chinatown, lots of students from Boston colleges at the Children’s Museum, etc. It must be his one vestige of control. Thanks for making me think about that. Hugs back at ya.

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