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The Village Wedding


Hubs was out the door before the kids and a I were dressed. He worked all morning and planned on picking us up at 1:30pm for the wedding.

Schäfer started the day by asking: how may travel prizes he will receive if he can watch a movie on the iPod with the headphone splitter

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When can we get a dog?

11:47 am After homeschool, I took the kids down to a local playground. They were all very interested in this little dog.

Schäfer has been begging for a pet, but I told him there was no way we could manage a dog while we lived in an apartment on the 28th floor.

Honestly, I’m

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baby #4 – the fastest pregnancy EV.ER.

Today, I am 29 weeks pregnant and only have 11 weeks left to go.

Good gravy. Where has the time gone?

The truth of the matter is that I can hardly keep up with my daily tasks.

Baby #1 pregnancy I took naps when I felt tired. I laid down on the couch when my

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Window Cleaning


I speak the truth. Our windows get dirty.

It might just be general China grime, but being on the 28th floor doesn’t lend to any cleaner windows.

FYI our apartment is narrow with high ceilings and big windows.

The 28th floor does mean that window cleaning takes on new challenges. First, it’s

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the day that never stopped


At 10:16pm I finally sat down.

Today never stopped.

It all began with Selah crawling into bed this morning.

snuggle time with all three kids breakfast cleaning the table & sweeping start homeschool circle time math break = prepare snack, start laundry snack time = read-a-louds phonics lunch for everyone. (loved watching my kids

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baby #4 @ 29 weeks

01.20.13 On Sunday night, we had Mickey Mouse pancakes for the first time in 7 months. The kids were über excited.

01.21.13 Monday – 5:27pm Just when I sit down to rest, a little one brings me a book. Selah is definitely in a farm animals phase.

6:01pm Sianna is in a

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