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A Final Travel Day

This morning the kids were pretty content to play with the travel toys that Hubs purchased for them. Schäfer selected a nerf gun. Sianna and Selah each received a rose.

Mid-morning, I had a meeting with our midwife, Abigail, who also happened to be visiting Kunming. Schäfer played quietly, but the girls were active

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Lantern Festival 2013

Unlike previous years, this year we are celebrating Lantern Festival on an airplane. For airline security purposes, we won’t be lighting any lanterns while in flight.

We had a surprisingly quick trip to the airport this morning. Bangkok traffic is notorious, but today the roads were clear.

Once we got to the airport, we joined

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Thinking I had more time than really existed

Once Schäfer and I returned to the guest house from the Homeschool Gathering, he was all about spending time with his Papa.

I put the girls and myself down for an afternoon nap while Hubs and Schäfer went to the hospital to pick up some test results. Then they went to Toys R Us to

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Camp Papa 2013

As defined in 2012, Camp Papa is “an exciting week of culinary and educational delights!”

This year looked a little different than last year.

For example, last year, Sandra took Selah to the homeschool gathering because she was still breastfeeding. Schäfer and Sianna joined me for Camp Papa 2012.

This year, Schäfer was invited to

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Homeschool Gathering 2013

From February 19 – 22, Schäfer and I were invited to attend a Homeschool Gathering.

Yep. This trip to Thailand was about medical checks + vacation + homeschool. We try to squeeze in as much as we can when buying 5 plane tickets.

Last year, I attended the Homeschool Gathering as a Mom rising into

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baby #4 at 32 & 33 weeks

Pregnancy at 32 weeks…

02.09.13 Sometimes when I look down, I can see feet, but they don’t look like my feet.

02.09.13 And it seems like half my child’s head is always missing…

My reflection is much larger than I remember.

02.17.13 baby #4 @ 33 weeks

Me & my

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