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baby #4 at 32 & 33 weeks

Pregnancy at 32 weeks…

Sometimes when I look down, I can see feet, but they don’t look like my feet.

And it seems like half my child’s head is always missing…

My reflection is much larger than I remember.

baby #4 @ 33 weeks

Me & my girls. (Schäfer was too busy playing in the sand to come for a photo.)

This pregnancy, I haven’t had hardly any swelling, but once we landed in Thailand swelling has been a challenge. (Maybe because of the heat and humidity?)

Being at the beach has been a wonderful remedy. Swimming in the pool for 3 hours each morning has kept most swelling at bay. (My hair, on the other hand, may never return to normal.)

I’ve also enjoyed 3 meals a day cooked by someone else, free laundry service, afternoon naps with the girls, air-conditioning and popsicles.

Thank you vacation. You’ve been good to me.

2 comments to baby #4 at 32 & 33 weeks

  • Fliss

    It has been a while since dropping by… Life I guess… But imagine my surprise when I read this last update! Tis is so awesome… Congrats…. Right now I am in Australia visiting my family…. Well have to keep up with the news… Take care

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