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Bangkok :: Dusit Zoo

The day started with “high fives” from new friends.

How much do I love having back yard access? The kids can play safely while I gather the last of our things.
Good gravy. I never knew.

This morning, we headed off to the Dusit Zoo. We buffered in a couple of extra days in Bangkok in case any follow-up tests were needed.

Who’s ready for the zoo? (Sianna wasn’t too happy about the sandals I packed for the trip.)

(Sianna is still looking at her shoes. They are classic white sandals. She would prefer anything pink with glitter.)
We’re off to the zoo! Thanks go the guesthouse, we borrowed a stroller. It was just too hot to wear Selah in the Ergo.

Our entire family got into the zoo for $3 USD. The zoo was small, but perfect for 3 hours of animal gazing in extreme humidity.

Selah spent the first hour with her finger pointing.

After an hour of walking around, we were all ready to sit and have a snack. It was a good time to catch the seal show.

It was so blazing hot for this pregnant Mommy. Of course, both girls insisted on sitting on my lap.

A seal!

Even though the show was completely in Thai, the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Sianna & her Papa.

Schäfer and Sianna discuss… camels.

Schäfer 6, Selah 2, Sianna 3.5

2013-02-06@12-13-06 2013-02-06@12-13-00
Just 30 minutes after water + snacks at the seal show, the kids were in need of ice cream.

Schäfer loves dinosaurs.

The kids spent the rest of the morning like this…

and like this…

It was so hot and humid that most of the animals spent the morning in a horizontal position. I didn’t blame them at all.

2013-02-06@12-59-02 2013-02-06@12-53-59
I normally avoid all snakes whatsoever, but since snakes and lizards are Schäfer’s favorite thing, I was requested to take photos with almost every.single.creature in the reptile display.



Sometimes, additional photos of the animals were requested.

2013-02-06@13-08-24 2013-02-06@13-09-38

That look = BLISS.

Meanwhile, Selah rode a crocodile. She is fearless.



Hello crocodile.

The girls were great sports and let Schäfer spend as much time as he needed with the reptiles.

Another dinosaur!

Our last stop was the petting zoo. Selah grabbed a goat by the tail. Thank goodness a bathroom was nearby.

By 1:45pm, all were hot, tired, and love tanks were full. We eventually grabbed a taxi and made our way back to the guesthouse. Traffic in Bangkok is miserable.

While in the taxi, I asked the kids what was their favorite animal in the zoo.
Schäfer: the reptiles
Sianna: the seal show
Selah: the doggies (there were no doggies)

Then, I asked Selah what her favorite yogurt flavor was and she replied, “Doggie.”

Next, I asked Selah what her favorite color was and she replied, “Doggie.”

We were all laughing at her sense of humor.

By the time we were at the guesthouse, we fed the kids yogurt and fruit, showered the girls and quickly put them down for much needed naps. Mommy rested. Schäfer played in the backyard with new friends. Hubs ran errands… it was a great day in Bangkok.

That evening, all the kids were so content playing in the backyard, we ordered Lebanese for supper.

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