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Bangkok :: Medical

Today was a day of medical appointments. For quite a while, I’ve been saying this mantra to the kids:
homeschool meeting

I didn’t want any meltdowns because we did not transfer from the plane to the beach.

I am happy to report that my persistent review of the schedule kept all meltdowns at bay. Everyone seemed to understand that medical would happen before the beach.

2013-02-04@09-44-49 2013-02-04@09-45-03
This morning, we took a boat taxi to the hospital. In Thailand, it’s common to travel by boat through the canals. We’d never done it before, but Hubs thought it would be fun. He was right. The kids loved it.

The only thing to be aware of is that the boat does not stop for long. There is a dock manager who will push you on the boat (yes, 7+ months pregnant with a toddler on your hip) if you seem to be moving slowly.

We thought Selah should do the dentist first since she would probably be the quickest.
She flat out refused to open her mouth. She pressed those lips together and shook her head “no”.

The dentist suggested we have Hubs sit with Selah – which we’ve done when Schäfer and Sianna were little. For some reason, this dentist insisted that Selah lay on top of Hubs – as if that is going to be normal and comforting.

We canceled Selah’s appointment.

Schäfer was so happy to be at the dentist. Mostly, he looked forward to selecting a small toy. He had no cavities.

Since his adult molars came in, the dentist suggested we put a little sealant on them. She completed two molars then asked Schäfer if he wanted to come back another day to finish the other two teeth. Schäfer wasn’t sure. I posed the question this way, “Do you want to go to the zoo or come back for more sealant?” He opted to get them all done now.

We had been preparing Sianna for what a trip to the dentist would be like. She’s been before, but its been a while. Sianna was mentally ready, but once she sat in the chair, she started crying. I held up a Hello Kitty ring and she focused on that and eventually calmed down.

With her Hello Kitty ring on finger, I think she would describe the experience as, “Not pleasant, but not intolerable.” Sianna also had no cavities.

While the kids played in the playroom, Hubs visited the dentist and came back with no cavities.

And then it was time to see the pediatrician…

Each of our kids had a very long and detailed pediatric appointment.

The girls were both behind on shots.

I thought Schäfer was in the clear for shots, but then he needed just one more.

2013-02-04@13-55-17 2013-02-04@13-56-51
By the time the girls each received 2 shots and gave blood, they look like they had gone to battle.

I held Sianna through her shots, but Hubs held her through her blood-work. I knew it would be difficult to find her vein.

I couldn’t hold Selah through her shots or blood-work. She’s strong and my prego belly is big. I was in the room and I listened to her scream without breathing after shot #1.

By 1:15pm, we were at Au Bon Pain with chocolate shakes and delicious sandwiches. We were all in need of a break from anything medical.

Hubs put the kids and I in a taxi then went on to complete his physical, vaccinations, blood-work, and eye exam. We decided that it would be easier for him to manage his medical appointments without the kids. Plus, the girls were exhausted and needed naps.

Once back at the guesthouse, I stayed with the little girls while Schäfer did something he rarely gets to do: play in the backyard on a swing set! Everything about Thailand is so exotic to my kids.

2013-02-04@19-30-33 2013-02-04@19-24-51
That evening, we went to a nearby Sunrise Taco for supper. It was Monday night so kids under 7 ate free. Holla!

Selah had a hard time going to sleep tonight.
She kept calling out, “Mommy! Mommy!”
To which I would reply, “I’m asleep.”
“Oh.” she would say.
This went on 2 or 3 times before she went to sleep. Love her.

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