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Bangkok :: Planetarium

2013-02-07@09-53-29 2013-02-07@09-52-15
After breakfast, while I gathered our things, the kids played outside.
Oh how I love thee little backyard!

2013-02-07@10-00-18 - Version 2
How great is a swing?

Swings are pretty fabulous when you haven’t swung on one in a year or so.

This morning, we took the Skytrain to the Bangkok Planetarium. Today was our second and final day of “just in case we need any follow-up appointments”. On this trip to Bangkok, we’ve traveled by boat, taxi, private car and sky train. Our kids think this is totally normal.

It cost our family $3 to get into the Planetarium. For that price, we kept our expectations low.

To our surprise, there was lots to run around, touch and explore.



Schäfer hugged his favorite planet – Jupiter.

2013-02-07@11-10-56 2013-02-07@11-11-31
Everyone picked their favorite planet.

2013-02-07@11-12-39 2013-02-07@11-17-16
Selah enjoyed touching buttons for no particular reason…

2013-02-07@11-15-22 2013-02-07@11-13-52
Schäfer and Sianna stood through an earthquake. Then, Sianna went to touch buttons.

2013-02-07@11-15-33 2013-02-07@11-20-44
Schäfer enjoyed the earthquake again & watching the International Space Station.


2013-02-07@12-04-11 2013-02-07@12-21-08
Next, we headed off to the morning movie. Given, the movie was in Thai, but since it was just about basic astronomy we could explain it to the kids.

2013-02-07@13-00-20 2013-02-07@12-57-17
The Bangkok Planetarium is made of 6 different buildings. This can be confusing and the map is most definitely helpful. Once we had our full of all things space related, we headed over to the small aquarium.


Selah loved that everything was very touch friendly.

After the aquarium, we used our handy map to take us to the kids play area which was in building #6 on the 12th floor. Thankfully, the guards saw our kids and informed us of which floor we wanted to go.

Once in the play area, Selah started cooking…

Sianna started grocery shopping…

Schäfer started climbing…

2013-02-07@13-35-22 2013-02-07@13-36-01
While the girls played, Hubs took Schäfer down a couple of floors to the dinosaur exhibit.

By 2pm, we decided to go back to the guest house for a simple lunch. The kids probably could have kept playing, but both Hubs and I thought that a hunger meltdown might be drawing near. We both wished we would have brought a picnic lunch!

All of today’s fun: planetarium, small aquarium, and kids play area were all included in our $3 ticket price. That’s $3 for our entire family! Awesome.

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