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Camp Papa 2013

As defined in 2012, Camp Papa is “an exciting week of culinary and educational delights!”

This year looked a little different than last year.

For example, last year, Sandra took Selah to the homeschool gathering because she was still breastfeeding. Schäfer and Sianna joined me for Camp Papa 2012.

This year, Schäfer was invited to the homeschool gathering because he is in kindergarten leaving Sianna and Selah to attend Camp Papa 2013.

The girls and I stayed at a guest house in Bangkok. Therefore, we had a greater variety of intercultural and athletic opportunities available.

02.19 – I took the girls shopping at Carrefour (a French grocery chain) and bought them some Dunkin’ Donuts (quite American).

P.E. consisted of a daily swim in our near Olympic size swimming pool. (Perspective matters.)

02.20 – The culinary adventures continued at Smoothberry with a lingonberry, raspberry, blueberry smoothie.

02.20 – Camp Papa always encourages self-discovery as a key to learning. About this time, Selah discovered the guest house had a refrigerator stocked with chocolate and regular milk cartons. Simultaneously, she discovered how to insert the straw. Within a half hour period of time she had drank two regular and one chocolate milk and had eaten a quarter stick of butter. Naturally, Camp Papa accountants reimbursed the guest house and kept closer watch on Selah’s future forays into the kitchen.

02.21 – Social development is a crucial aspect of Camp Papa. We made a field trip with other papas to a local discovery and play zone called Funarium.

We taught intro to gold mining so that the children could take an active part in facilitating their family’s finances.


This year, we included a little more fine art motor skill enhancement.

We reinforce positive behavior at Camp Papa with tangible treats such as Jello and chocolate milk.

After a hard day of mining, it was time for a quick cool off splash.

Climbing is an essential skill developed at Camp Papa.

Along with basic acrobatics. (Shoes are optional.)

This year’s Camp Papa culinary excursions (mostly courtesy of ChefsXP delivery service, best in Bangkok) included:
Mexican (Sunrise Tacos)
Greek (Olive Kebab)
Egyptian (Nasir Al-Masri)
American Burgers (Firehouse)
American treats (Smoothberry and Dunkin’ Donuts)
Lebanese (Beirut)
Thai (street food)
Hong Kong (egg pies in a mall)

02.23 Once the Mommy’s returned, the Papa’s went to Outback to celebrate a job well done.
Well done papas, one and all!

1 comment to Camp Papa 2013

  • nanamaw

    Its so good to recognize old friends having a good time with their kiddos…Selah must have been hungy for milk or the novelty of drinking from a box and discovering she could do the straw. Love the post!! nanamaw

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