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Gender Reveal Party

I couldn’t help but take some photos of the kids sleeping this morning.

Schäfer sleeping.

Fuzzy Sianna.

(Selah was in her tent so I couldn’t get a good photo of her.)

Today was my day at the “spa”. Actually, it was my day for dental, a pre-natal visit, a vision exam, and an ultrasound. The “spa” part occurred when Hubs kept the kids at the guesthouse so I could attend all of these appointments by myself.

Hello quiet.

My appointments went as hoped. There were no cavities found at the dentist. All seemed normal during the pre-natal visit. I gave a crazy amount of blood for further examination. The doctor insisted I tour their wonderful birth facilities, but I declined. Thailand is a wonderful place to vacation for a week or two, but it’s not my preferred place to give birth. Not because of lack of wonderful hospitals or qualified doctors, but because it’s difficult to manage 3 kids + a newborn in a small guesthouse for weeks while you wait on the passport + China visa.

I was surprised to learn that my vision is still 20/20. I was certain that I would need glasses since so many things have seemed so fuzzy lately. The doctor told me I was probably just tired. You think?

The ultrasound appointment was the one that I most anticipated. Aside from an ultrasound at 14 weeks, I have not done any formal prenatal care during this pregnancy. I went to the local hospital several times, but it was difficult to see a doctor when 30 other pregnant women were also pushing in so I always ended up leaving.

Previously, I went to the local hospital for prenatal care with Schäfer and Selah, but for some reason the hospital in Dali is extremely crowded and not very toddler friendly.

Today, I am 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

I cried during the ultrasound when I saw the baby yawn. The ultrasound tech asked if this was my first. I said it was my 4th.

New life is amazing.

The ultrasound tech asked if I wanted to know the gender. Earlier in the week, Hubs decided that he did want to know boy or girl because it would make name selection easier. I tend to agonize over names so having to agree on one name versus two sounded logical to Hubs.

Since he was not with me during the ultrasound, I asked the tech to write the gender on a piece of paper and we could open it together as a family.

On my way out of the hospital, I stopped at the bakery and got a little treat for our Gender Reveal Party. Cupcakes make everything more festive.

(The cupcake colors mean nothing in regards to baby #4. They are simply pink for Selah & Sianna and green for Schäfer.)

Once back at the guesthouse, Schäfer asked if he could read what was written inside the paper.

There was only one word and it was so disappointing to Schäfer that he cried.
Of course, the girls were clueless. They were mostly ready for a cupcake.

So right now, our little family knows. If you’ve seen Schäfer, he’s probably told you. (We never asked him not to tell people.)

Hubs and I are truly happy with pink or blue. We are so thankful that my health and the health of our little one is excellent.

We have not announced at large what we are having because we are still working on a name…

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