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Off to the Beach

This morning, Hubs watched the kids while I started packing.
Oh. my. word.
We’ve had quite the suitcase explosion. Our laundry pile was mammoth in size. Thankfully, our guesthouse at the beach has complimentary laundry service so the mountain of laundry will soon be taken care of.

Once I had the clothes sorted and folded properly, Hubs and I switched stations. He came in to finish packing while I played with the kids.

Our extra two days in Bangkok were nice, but I don’t think we’ll be adding much additional time in the future. Bangkok is a mega city. It’s loud… congested… and the pollution gave me a sinus infection.

We are so ready to get to the beach.

Selah will surely miss this play set.

By 12:30pm, a van appeared at the guest house ready to drive us to the beach. Hubs purposefully planned for the van to come around nap time.

Sianna was the first and easiest to fall asleep.

Selah eventually made it to dreamland.

Schäfer watched “Swiss Family Robinson”.

At 5:30pm, we arrived at the guesthouse thanks to Hubs and his clever iPhone. The driver was a bit lost, but Hubs had an app which helped us find our way down back roads… in Thailand. I loathe and love modern technology.

We pulled up right in time for supper: fried chicken, homemade rolls, salad and banoffee pie. Yes please!

After supper, the kids wanted to explore on the beach.

Sianna immediately started organizing seashells.



Are you guys watching me?

Because I’m going straight into the ocean…

I am so thankful for our little family vacation at The Tree.
Free laundry service.
No meals to prepare.
No restaurants to find.
No meetings.
No deadlines.

Hello vacation.
Hello swimming pool.
Hello ocean.
Welcome rest.

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