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Dolphin Bay 2013

In June, Hubs was out of town for 17 days.

In July, we moved.

In August, we went on a 3 day family vacation to Lijiang – an ancient city in China.

Schäfer summed up our vacation by asking, “What are we doing? We’re just walking around!”

It was true.

We squeezed in the “vacation”

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Chinese New Year 2013

This morning, the kids woke to find red envelopes under their pillows.

Unlike Chinese tradition, we gave each of the kids a bit of money to buy some ice cream.

Schäfer asked if 100 Baht was the same as $100 USD.

(100 Baht is $3.40 USD – so not quite the same.)

For us,

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Off to the Beach

This morning, Hubs watched the kids while I started packing. Oh. my. word. We’ve had quite the suitcase explosion. Our laundry pile was mammoth in size. Thankfully, our guesthouse at the beach has complimentary laundry service so the mountain of laundry will soon be taken care of.

Once I had the clothes sorted and

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Bangkok :: Planetarium

After breakfast, while I gathered our things, the kids played outside. Oh how I love thee little backyard!

How great is a swing?

Swings are pretty fabulous when you haven’t swung on one in a year or so.

This morning, we took the Skytrain to the Bangkok Planetarium. Today was our

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Bangkok :: Dusit Zoo

The day started with “high fives” from new friends.

How much do I love having back yard access? The kids can play safely while I gather the last of our things. Good gravy. I never knew.

This morning, we headed off to the Dusit Zoo. We buffered in a couple of extra days

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Gender Reveal Party

I couldn’t help but take some photos of the kids sleeping this morning.

Schäfer sleeping.

Fuzzy Sianna.

(Selah was in her tent so I couldn’t get a good photo of her.)

Today was my day at the “spa”. Actually, it was my day for dental, a pre-natal visit, a vision exam, and an

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