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The Potty Training That Wasn’t

Day 1 April 23

We are insane.

Selah has been ready to potty train for quite some time now.

We delayed because it was simply too cold to let her run around in her skim-pees.

Over the past week, Selah has taken off her diaper and begged to go on the potty.

Since Hubs is

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China is wearing me out

Lately, I’ve felt like I can’t win.

The Chengdu Airport Manager wouldn’t let us get on a plane because Senna was 13 days old instead of 14 days old.

The kids missed a birthday party because I was unfamiliar with a local park.

Right now, in my house: the dryer is broke, the washing machine

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Saturday Mishap

This morning we had a birthday party at 10am.

There was not much else on the agenda.

Get 4 kids up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door.

Well, there was a considerable amount of time spent on selecting party dresses and hair bows. Who knew a 2-year-old could be so selective?

Also, considerable

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The Purge

The ultrasound tech said we were having a girl. I saw the footage. I agreed, but there was always the chance…

It wasn’t until after Senna was born that I started purging boy clothes.

Ten days after to be exact.

Something about adding another child into our 90 square foot apartment made me want to

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What a little sleep can do

Senna slept from 3am – 7am.


(I know I should have woke her, but Mommy needed the sleep.)

Then, Sianna and Selah stayed in their beds during naptime and actually slept.

Senna and Mommy grabbed a one hour nap too.

That early morning + afternoon sleep made all the difference in my day… and

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Tuesday 04.09

I’m on day 5 sleep deprivation.

Schäfer and Sianna went to school. Hubs fixed the toilet.

The dryer belt broke.

Mt. laundry has returned.

It is very difficult to sit and nurse when there is so much that needs to be done.

Hubs set up the pack n play, but Senna cannot rest in it

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