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China is wearing me out

Lately, I’ve felt like I can’t win.

The Chengdu Airport Manager wouldn’t let us get on a plane because Senna was 13 days old instead of 14 days old.

The kids missed a birthday party because I was unfamiliar with a local park.

Right now, in my house: the dryer is broke, the washing machine keeps saying “error 4” after every load, there’s a leak under the sink, the dust is winning the war in my house.

Sianna and Selah are dropping their afternoon nap, but not exactly maintaining joy until 7:30pm.

Selah is ready for potty training.

Today, I took Selah and Senna to a small patch of grass while the biggies were at Chinese school. Selah spend most of her time talking to 2 caged chickens. Occassionally, she picked a flower and watched the petals float around in a small pond.

Everything was fine for 45 minutes.

Until a Grandma saw Selah pick a flower. The Grandma started yelling at Selah. The gate guard started yelling at me.

I told them if they were really concerned about the small pond, then they should get the trash out of it.

The gate guard ordered me to leave the small patch of grass.

Yes, I was kicked out of a neighborhood because my 2-year-old picked some flowers.

China is wearing me out.

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