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Saturday Mishap

This morning we had a birthday party at 10am.

There was not much else on the agenda.

Get 4 kids up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door.

Well, there was a considerable amount of time spent on selecting party dresses and hair bows. Who knew a 2-year-old could be so selective?

Also, considerable time was spent breastfeeding.

We got out the door on time.
No small miracle there.

We planned on going to the sports store to get the birthday gifts, but the sports store near our house was closed. Luckily, Schäfer wanted to give the kids jump ropes and the store next door also had them. (I don’t know if jump ropes were a good gift, but Schäfer insisted on giving the kids jump ropes.)

Mishap #1
As we were crossing the street, Sianna got upset because… I can’t remember why (maybe it was something about the way the bag was tied?) but she stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, folded her arms and refused to walk.

Once we recovered from that moment, we all got in a taxi and everyone was excited about games, cupcakes and overall birthday cheer.

Mishap #2
We arrived at the park just at 10am, but we couldn’t find the party. The invitation said at the top of the hill and I though I was at the top of the hill. But no one was there. We walked around the park for 40 minutes, but I couldn’t find anyone. The kids were NOT doing well.

Schäfer was especially frustrated with me. Sianna was still pouting over the way her bag was or was not tied. Selah started refusing to walk. Senna was asleep in the sling. I could not figure out where this birthday party was and they were all starting to melt down.

Mishap #3
I didn’t have my cell phone. I am notorious for not having a cell phone on me at all times. (I am a child of the 80’s.) Also, I had a little miscommunication with Hubs where I understood him to say that my phone wouldn’t be working for a few days.

So, without a phone and no birthday party in sight, I got all the kids back in a taxi.

Schäfer frustrated with me because I was lost.

Sianna tired from walking.

Selah flat out refused to walk. Refused to hold my hand. Demanded to be carried.

Senna still sleeping peacefully in the sling.

We rode the taxi 20 minutes across town to Hubs work. I found Hubs and used his phone to call almost 5 people before one Mom answered her phone. OH! The party was at the top of the hill – the very, very top. OH!

The taxi driver almost refused to take me there because he was afraid his taxi would not make it. I pleaded with him. There was no way I could get the kids to climb the hill after so much run-around this morning.

Then, we rode the taxi 20 minutes back across town and found the party. Only, at the time it was 11:30 and the party was over. Cupcakes were eaten. Presents were opened. The celebrating was done. All the kids had ridden their rides at the park and there was one fun area left to play in. While the kids played, my 3 grabbed a left over cupcake, played some and then were surprised that it was time to leave.

About 30 minutes after we arrived, the party was over. A really nice family offered us a ride home. I was so thankful after all the morning run around. Unfortunately, my children were not as gracious.

Schäfer complained the entire way home about missing the party and about what was or was not in his treat bag compared to his friends.

Sianna screamed at least 3 times.

Selah tore through her treat bag and then wanted to go through her sister’s bag.

Senna breastfed.

As much effort as I put into getting the morning to go smoothly: breakfast prep, dressing everyone, talking through the days plans, etc. I should have asked for clarification on where the party was. I thought I understood the directions, but I should have double checked.

As for my kids attitudes, we have quite a lot of training still to go.

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