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The Potty Training That Wasn’t

Day 1
April 23

We are insane.

Selah has been ready to potty train for quite some time now.

We delayed because it was simply too cold to let her run around in her skim-pees.

Over the past week, Selah has taken off her diaper and begged to go on the potty.

Since Hubs is home for the next three days, we decided to start potty training today.

What was I thinking?

Today was difficult.

Hubs was busy with home projects.
I was busy nursing.
Neither of us gave Selah our 100% attention. When Senna was asleep, I snuggled with Selah and went with her to the potty. Unfortunately,  Senna doesn’t sleep that long.

Today, Selah went anywhere but the potty. Ironic for someone so interested in going potty not even 24 hours ago.

She puddled by the door, on the living room floor, by the dining room table, in Senna’s bumbo, and in Sianna’s bed.

No M&M’s were given. No stickers were awarded. No prizes were received.

For our child who seemed the most ready to potty train, she’s been the most unsuccessful so far. Normally after 3 puddles, the kids find their stride.

But we can’t go back. Oh no. I’m not cleaning any more diapers smeared all over the bedding. Nor am I cleaning up any more diapers smeared all over the bathroom.

This afternoon, I knocked the glass jar of M&M’S off the counter. After being so tired from nursing and disinfecting puddles all day, it was all I could do to clean up the M&M’S too. Of course, Sianna and Selah pounced on them. I was so nervous they were going to eat glass.

Day 2
April 24th

Selah woke up clean & dry.She went on the potty. Everyone gave her the family cheer! Unfortunately there were no M&M’S because I broke the glass jar yesterday.

Since it was Saturday morning, I took everyone out to playground. I knew I should have stayed home for 3 days straight for Selah, but the kids wanted to go outside. While at the playground, Selah asked to go potty. I was nursing Senna so I could not help her. Additionally, there was no potty available.

Of course, she went #1 and #2 at the playground.

To make matters more stressful Azalea, her sister-in-law, her husband and her husband’s Mom decided to stop by.

I don’t have any househelp now so the house looked CRAZY with laundry and cloth diapers EVERYWHERE.

I put Selah in the bath. Fed everyone lunch and put all the little girls down for naps.

This afternoon there was more pee in bedroom.

Then, Selah smeared poop everywhere. She was running around house while I nurse.

Of course, Hubs was busy so I called him for moral support. He told me to hang in there.

Meanwhile, Sianna is so confused. She keeps asking for gummies every time she goes potty.

And Schafer is so grown up. He lost his first tooth today.

Day 3
April 25th

Selah woke up dry. Then she went potty in the kitchen on the stool.

Next, Selah went beside the potty.

Finally, Selah had success in potty.

She received a Family Cheer plus one sticker and one gummy.

Day 4
April 26th

Hubs left for the village today. There was no way I could manage it all by myself: cooking, nursing, disinfecting 11 puddles all around the house.

I gave up.

Selah might be ready right now, but I’m not ready. I simply can’t give her the attention she needs for success. So this morning, I put a cloth diaper on her and she didn’t complain or ask to go potty even once.

With Hubs gone most of May & June + our travels around America, I think it will be 6 months from now before we can actually potty train Selah.

My small three day window (before Hubs traveled again) was simply not enough. Yes, I do believe in potty training in three days. It’s worked for my other two, but I didn’t have an infant to nurse when I trained them.

So we wait.

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