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The Purge

The ultrasound tech said we were having a girl. I saw the footage. I agreed, but there was always the chance…

It wasn’t until after Senna was born that I started purging boy clothes.

Ten days after to be exact.

Something about adding another child into our 90 square foot apartment made me want to purge anything we were not immediately using.

As for all those boy clothes, I had saved most of what was still had some life in it. That’s right. I had boy clothes from newborn to 5T.  I gave the 6m – 2T away to local friends. I mailed the 3T – 5T to PJ. All I had left was the 0-6m and honestly, it had been so picked over I sent it to the village for whomever needed it.

I see those people on Pinterest making quilts out of baby clothes, but honestly, I’d rather just share the clothes. Of course, when I see them I do get emotional because I remember how little Schäfer was when he wore them. It’s out of gratitude that I share them. I’m so thankful that we were given many of those clothes. I want to be a blessing to others.

5 large bags of boy clothes:



Next, I went through Hubs and my clothes. Since Senna’s crib is in our room,  the space felt like we had too much stuff. So we went through our closet and chest of drawers to find 2 bags worth of clothes that were wore out, stained or we simply no longer needed them.

2 bags of big people clothes:


Next, I had way too many baby girl clothes. Our Hawaiian friends sent us some clothes their daughter had grown out of plus I had hand-me-downs from Sianna and Selah. I went through them and sent everything neutral to my friend Sissy in Kunming. She’s pregnant, but doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl.

2 bags of baby girl clothes.


Such is life in 90 square feet with no garage or attic. It feels good to simplify.

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