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Tuesday 04.09

I’m on day 5 sleep deprivation.

Schäfer and Sianna went to school. Hubs fixed the toilet.

The dryer belt broke.

Mt. laundry has returned.

It is very difficult to sit and nurse when there is so much that needs to be done.

Hubs set up the pack n play, but Senna cannot rest in it because Selah is so loud. Our bedroom has glass windows that look into the living room so sound travels easily.

I am starting to go crazy from the lack of sleep.

I received this encouragement from Germaine today:

Just that you wrote an email is better than me even at postpartum 30 days.   You were amazing when we were together. I loved seeing you and your baby. I keep thinking of all the things I wish I could do for you. I’m sorry that we are still 4.5 hours away. Keep resting. Don’t feel pressure of things you think you should be doing just because you didn’t tear and had a pretty easy delivery.  Act like you had a C-section and keep your feet up and drink lots of juice and water and nurse your baby all day and all night 🙂

Such good advice. I wish I could let it all go – the meals, the laundry, the dust, but when I do that it just comes back to bite me. Everyone has a sinus infection from the dust, there is stress over what to wear when nothing is clean and there’s no food in the house for even a simple supper.

So I’m in desperate need of sleep and balance.






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