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On this last night of November

Tonight, I find myself savoring November once again.

This month seemed to fly by. Senna started clicking at people. It’s her little way to say, “Hi there. I’m here.” She also started crawling, pulling up and eating solids. It’s like she has a list somewhere and she insists on checking everything off.

December is going

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Black Friday 2013

My day began with nursing Senna.

At 6:50am, Selah crawled into bed, smiled at Senna and said, “You are my best friend.”

It was a very sweet moment.

After breakfast, Hubs started the Christmas music.

We all spent some time dancing around the living room. Hubs imitated the Peanuts’ dancing moves. Love him.


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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Our day began with a loaf of cranberry bread. The recipe comes from the final page in the book.


I made this loaf for the first time last year, but it fell apart. I think the secret is the way the food processor diced up the whole cranberries.

Selah didn’t care for it

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2013 Twas the Night Before Turkey

Yesterday, while I homeschooled, Hubs hunted and gathered our Thanksgiving supplies. After a trip to Costco and Winco we were all set.

When Hubs returned home, the most amazing thing happened: all of the food fit in the refrigerator!

Today, was rather normal. We completed school this morning. Then we went hiking with a

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A Turkey Tale 2013

Shopping for a Thanksgiving Turkey and miscellaneous supplies wasn’t quite the adventure is has been in year’s past. Take the Turkey for example.

Buying a turkey didn’t involve ordering off the internet from a vendor who didn’t understand refrigerating meat products.

Nor did it involve ordering a turkey by phone, which was then placed in

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Christmas Books Advent

Hello Advent books.

Last year, I gathered all of our nativity, Christmas and winter themed books to create a simple advent activity for the kids. It was a huge success! (So much so that Schäfer is pretty disappointed we won’t be unwrapping a story each day this December since our books are in China.)

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