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2013 December Daily :: 08 :: The Manger

This morning, was our usual/unusual Sunday.

The kids and I attended a nearby club while Hubs drove the minivan to another city to speak. This unusual situation works perfectly for us. Each time I drop off a kid to their class and they recognize their teacher and a classmate or two, I know we’ve made the right decision.

On this particular Sunday morning, Senna decided she was done with the nursery. Unfortunately, her favorite nursery worker had cataract surgery so all Senna wanted was Mommy. I made it through about half of service before I had to go get her. Silly girl! She didn’t even want to nurse for very long. She just wanted me nearby.

I love a Sunday afternoon nap. I’ve given up on Selah taking a nap. My solution today was to put everyone in a separate room and just hope for the best. Senna was sleeping in her crib in our bedroom. Sianna was napping with Nanamaw. Schäfer was playing with Lego in the living room and I was napping in Selah’s room while she played. For today, it worked.

On Hubs way home he had to stop by the Apple Store because his computer went crazy. When Hubs arrived home it was time for tree decorating and homemade eggnog!

Tree decorating was relatively simple this year. We used a few ornaments from years ago that were still in the states. I plan on having the kids make lots of homemade ornaments. I’m trying to maintain restraint when I enter Michael’s craft store. Even with a “50% off one item coupon”, ornament craft kits x 3 can add up.

After the tree was decorated, Hubs turned on the fire place (it’s gas) and gave each of the kids a mug of eggnog. I read The Story of Christmas to the kids. This is a simple story that I thought would connect well with my two and four-year-old.

Just as I was reading the part of the story where Mary and Joseph watched baby Jesus, Selah put down her mug and ran away. I thought, “Well, she’s two. She’s done.” I returned to reading.

About 30 seconds later, Selah came running up and handed me a silhouette image of Mary and Joseph looking down at baby Jesus.

image image
Even though the images were different, she understood that the story I was reading to her was the same story her teacher had told her in Puggles class a couple of weeks ago.

One of the things that I’ve loved most about America is how many people pour our worldview into our kids. In Asia, I feel like Hubs and I are wholly responsible for teaching our kids Truth. While we are here, they still learn from us, but they also hear Truth from their teachers on Sundays and Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

And so tonight, my two-year-old understood that a baby was born in a manger.

In a busy world, on a busy day, this is still relevant.


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