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2013 December Daily :: 16 :: Determined

This morning I woke up and was DETERMINED to take a photo for our Christmas card. We are 10 days away from Christmas and I have not even tackled the task of cards. So this morning, we tried to take a photo. Unfortunately, Senna is still not feeling well.

Poor Senna!

This is a great, natural shot, but it’s missing a kid! (I was nursing Senna.)

This is the best we got, but there’s so many problems with it. SO. Many. Problems. I finally decided on a photo we took yesterday.

Unfortunately, taking one family photo took most of the morning. Before I knew it, it was 11am. We headed to Kristen’s house for a picnic and playtime on the playground in her neighborhood.

Schäfer and Kristen spent some time talking about outer space. Apparently, Kristen attended Space Camp which was revolutionary news to Schäfer.

2013-12-16@13-30-35 2013-12-16@13-31-58
The girls loved playing with Kristen’s huge snowman.

To Senna’s delight, the house was in no way baby-proofed.

Kristen had some early Christmas presents for the kids to open.

The girls got new backpacks with stuffed animals. They were a HIT!

Schäfer got a basketball board which goes on the back of a door. He LOVED it! And yes, this will fit in a suitcase and come back to China with us.

Kristen gifted me an new Orange Polartec! (Cue the heavenly music!)

It was so great to hang out with her and enjoy a slow afternoon together.

Tonight, we were home. We ate an early supper then went straight to baths and bed. Schäfer has a Skype call with some friends in China this week. I got confused and thought it was tonight so he got to stay awake until 8:30. Of course he was disappointed that he won’t be able to speak with his friends until Thursday.

Hubs went to see The Hobbit tonight. It did not disappoint.

Nanamaw and I stayed home and watched The Help.

It was nice to have a slow day.


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