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2013 December Daily :: 17 :: happy happy happy

Today we celebrated my birthday.

The celebration started with… homeschool. Hubs and Nanamaw took the little girls on an outing to Costco. This is a huge blessing because I can get more homeschool accomplished without the demands of my four-year-old and two-year-old.

Except today, baby Senna did not feel well so she threw up on me four times this morning. She got out whatever was bothering her system and was fine for the rest of the day. No fever.

Ready for lunch!

During a homeschool break, Schäfer and I designed this card. Love it! Schäfer insisted that Sianna and Selah wear the same “princess shirt” but Senna had to be dressed as a “gingerbread baby”.

While the littles were down for naps, I decided to make myself gingerbread cupcakes.

At 3:15 there was a loud knock on the door! We opened the door to find a mound of presents, but no one was there. Hubs ran down the driveway to see if he could find who left them. Thankfully, the pile came with a card. We hid the gifts and will put them under the tree on Christmas morning.

After chasing a random-acts-of-kindness down the street, Hubs squeezed in a little afternoon nap.

I went back to baking my birthday cupcakes. Fun!

For afternoon snack we had gingerbread cupcakes with a Nutcracker theme! Hubs purchased this set at Sur le Table when he was in Seattle. I can’t tell you how long its been since I had a themed birthday party. The kids though it was fantastic.

Hello Clara.

Now the Nutcracker and Rat will battle!

Selah kept saying she wanted to eat the one with the candle in it.

I love these little ones!

Happy Birthday to me!

Then it was time for the kids to enjoy a pizza and movie night with Nanamaw while Hubs and I joined Aura, Kristen and Kristen’s parents at Olivia’s for Mexican. Hubs decided we should split the small beef and shrimp fajitas. YUM. American portion sizes always throw us off. Hubs was wise to order the small. It was more than we could finish!

After Olivia’s we went downtown to see the Mission Inn lights… for the third time! This time, we brought our wide angle lens.

The Mission Inn lights!

The entryway into the inn.

The outside of the inn.

I love how the palm trees are lit with red lights at the top.

There are carriages that drive around the inn. (10 minutes = $25) I need to get into the buggy business.

Here’s the Mission Inn from the opposite side.

LOVE him. My best friend for 12 years.

image image
As if cupcakes, fajitas, and a scenic inn weren’t enough, we headed over to Kristen’s house for a nice round of Catan which I WON!

But the fun does not stop there.

My Mom and I stayed up talking for 3.5 hours. We went to bed at 2am! LOVE HER!


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