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The Foreign Wife

Having long suspected, I first noticed it at Burger King. We were in the Bangkok Airport waiting for our flight to the states. The kids were getting hungry so we decided to stop at Burger King (the “BKK BK”) for a bite to eat. I ordered my first Whopper in years, peeled back the wrapper

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Chinglish #94

About to enjoy is extremely hot. Careful, thg beverage youre.

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter 2014 Shorel & Sandra Senna (1), Selah (3), Sianna (4), Schäfer (7)

Yesterday, I put in a grave effort for an easy and relaxing Easter morning.

Yesterday, I… laid out clothing for 6 people stuffed 120 plastic eggs prepared gifts for 4 children deviled 12 eggs made German potato salad

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Good Friday Goodness 2014

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This morning, I lost track of time.

Before I knew it, we only had a few minutes to have a daily reading at the kitchen table and write in our family gratitude journal. Hubs rushed out the door with Schäfer and Sianna agreeing to grab them a Chinese steamed

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