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Mother’s Day 2014

Mothers Day
Happy Mother’s Day
Schäfer 7, Sianna 4, Selah 3, Senna 1

I believe my greatest achievement today was getting a bow to stay in Senna’s hair.

Just saying.

Our day started out crazy. Well, our entire weekend was crazy because we were hosting visiting American guests. If we weren’t directly with them, then we were behind the scenes getting things ready for the next task.

Hubs woke up early this morning and got the final supplies ready to take everyone to the mountains for a week. Of course, the kids and I will stay here. He promised me that before he left, we would be sure to take photos of me with the kids. Then, we agreed that Father’s Day will probably be equally as crazy since we’ll still be hosting guests so we will just have to do a combination celebration in June.

I hope ice cream is involved.

Once the “green mule” aka 4 wheel drive vehicle was packed, Hubs drove away. The kids and I went back to the apartment for a quiet Sunday.

Lunch was leftovers.

Naptime did not occur. Sianna and Selah played quietly in their room. Schäfer read books. But Senna refused to sleep.

That afternoon, the kids drew pictures of our family. Then, they enjoyed a chocolate cupcake leftover from a birthday party we threw for our visiting American guests.

Schäfer’s been working hard the last 48 hours on chores so he could go to a small store near our house and buy a Lego figurine. I was really proud of him because the character cost 6rmb, but Schäfer knew he had to earn 8rmb because he would need to put 1rmb in saving and 1rmb in giving. He never complained about this. He just kept asking for more chores (we pay 5 mao a chore) so he could achieve his goal.

It was so windy that we barely ran to the small shop and back. While Schäfer played with his new toy, the girls got out their Christmas scooters and rode in circles around the 28th floor that we live on. I tried to keep them from squealing too much. After all, this was a public space.

The big kids watched Buck Denver while I rocked Senna. She never went to sleep, but she enjoyed rocking in the quiet of my room.

Supper was ham on crackers and some chips we had leftover from a picnic. I just felt like keeping everything simple since Hubs was away.

At bedtime, I put Selah, Sianna and Schäfer down in their room listening to Winnie the Pooh on auidobook. (The House on Pooh Corner, I think.)

Senna went to bed around 8pm. I have no clue how she can go without napping and then go to bed so late. Then, I went to lay down beside Selah. If I can just get her body still, she will fall asleep.

The rest of the evening was spent on… e-mail. I was too tired to watch a movie. Before I knew it, Selah was crawling into my bed so I shut down the computer and went to sleep.

I am so thankful for my 4 children.

Motherhood is tough. I am not perfect.

Motherhood is also surprising. There is such joy to be savored.

3 comments to Mother’s Day 2014

  • jdavis2

    absolutely love this picture! what a sweet gift!
    yes, yes, & yes… to everything.
    busy/craziness. trying to keep it simple. I need a nap, why won’t they take one!?! motherhood… it is so hard & so good. yes!
    blessings this week as you do the hard & glorious.

  • Beth Miller

    I love that your kids listen to audio books! I have to give that a try. I’d love to see photos of the bedroom setup that the three big kids share. We’re about to add another to our 2-bedroom mansion and I’d love some ideas on space-saving! 🙂
    I also know what it’s like to get a 3-year-old to keep still so she’ll fall asleep. It’s finally happening on its own, but I’m still required to be nearby. God bless you!!

  • nanamaw

    Happy Mothers Day! I got to play nannie to a 5 month old girl twp twp year olds and an 11 month old in meeting yesterday, We had baby dedication for Mary Elizabeth Grissom and her cousin Bennett Hogue so all the Grissoms were there. Jeremy has a girl and a boy, Jeffery has three boys, Jason has two boys and a girl. Jennefer scoggins White;s daughter graduated from CHS this year. David White just finished his masters at OBU. I am on my way to NC Tuesday. Great Mother;s day picture! Love to all, Nanamaw

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