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Creating a Summer Bucket List

Today, I felt summer passing quickly.

Maybe it was when I made our 439th strawberry/mango/banana smoothie. Or when the kids starting playing “Galapagos Marine Iguana” again.

Today, I knew these easy, slow days would not be ours forever.

Summer has been awesome so far. In June, we went to the beach, rode kayaks to Monkey Island, ate ice cream, and swam until the moon was up.

In July, we’re back to Homeschool Lite in the mornings with lots of Legos and Boxcar children in the afternoons.

Today, it dawned of me that I should ask the kids what they want to do this summer.

During afternoon snack, I asked them to go around the table and tell me the things they most want to do this summer.

Round 1

Schäfer: Go camping.
Sianna: Swim and color a picture of Papa.
Selah: chew some gum

Round 2

Schäfer: swing in my hammock
Sianna: read books
Selah: drop the gum in the trash can

Round 3

Schäfer: go hiking
Sianna: paint
Selah: “cupcake chapstick”

All of this is totally doable. The kids were delighted when I agreed that we could spend an entire afternoon chewing gum and dropping it in a trash can.

I suppose we can also bake cupcakes and apply chap-stick as desired.

It’s summer. Anything is possible…

3 comments to Creating a Summer Bucket List

  • Marianne Pitchford

    Joshua is totally into chewing gum lately as well! Too funny! The boys will also be going camping together. They will most probably just do the rustic cabins that the forest service has here, mostly because bears and moose are VERY real visitors here, which makes tent camping not for the faint at heart! LOL! Oh and BTW, we will be homeschooling this year too, since we have a non-english speaking brother coming!

  • Love it! I think my own summer bucket list would probably look most like Sianna’s, but they are all fun and as you said, “doable”! Enjoy!

  • Jenny Owens

    I wanna hang with Shafe… I like his list!

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