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4 to a room

On August 14th, when we moved into this apartment, we put all four kids in one room.

The sleeping arrangement is as follows:
Schäfer – top bunk
Sianna and Selah – bottom bunk
Senna – crib

(Eventually, Schäfer will have his own room, but at present, our butcher block counter-tops are drying in his space.)

We decided that after 16 months of being in our room, it was time for Senna to join her sisters. Hubs purposefully put the crib together in the girls room. (It’s too wide to move from room to room.)

We warned the kids that they had to be very, very quiet when Senna came into the room. First I would nurse and rock her, then I would gently place her in the crib.

Enter: a teachable moment.

Between the giggles, the loud whispers, the sudden thirst that needed to be quenched and additional excursions to the bathroom, Senna woke and released her frustration through a very loud cry.

Schäfer tried to coax her with lullabies while Sianna and Selah filled her crib with lovies and extra blankets.

Nothing worked.

Eventually, Senna wore herself out and went back to sleep. The biggies were mentally worn out too.

These days, when I bring Senna into the room, all is quiet. Lesson learned.

In other news, last night Senna decided to grow up just a little bit more. For the first time, she slept through the night.

After 1 year, 4 months and 24 days, this Mommy and Papa slept through the night too.

High fives all around.

3 comments to 4 to a room

  • Beth Miller

    This post brings tears to my eyes! I’m so thankful for both of you getting to sleep all night! And I look forward to the night when my family gets to, as well! I think it’s a long way off, with the birth of #3 close at hand, but I know someday it will happen….right?

  • Judith

    My hat is off to you! 1 yr, 4 mos, 24 days might have taken away my sanity. I thought 6 1/2 months was a long wait to sleep through the night. It’s still an in-process skill for our little one, though.

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