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Summer 2014 // Over & Out

Suddenly, summer ended.

I was quite caught off guard by it all.

Yesterday, on a hunch, I thought that Sianna’s Chinese school might be starting up.

After a text to the principal, it was confirmed. Come Monday morning, Sianna would be back in Chinese school for 1/2 days.

Also this week, we will go to see which Chinese grade school has been assigned to Schäfer.

Yesterday, it rained. Today, it was 73 degrees.

Goodbye summer.

Summer 2014 never looked the way I thought it should. In June, we started summer off right with a lovely trip to the beach.

But then July was consumed with getting our new apartment transformed into a livable space.

Contractor: Would you like the walls straight?
Hubs: Yes, please.

We moved out of our space on July 31st. We thought we were going to a friend’s apartment for 3 days. We stayed there for 16 days while Hubs worked daily to get our new apartment liveable.

At present, we are still without kitchen counters, 4 kitchen cabinets, a hot water heater, Schäfer’s bed, and every single closet needs straightening.

Even though we moved from 90 square meters into 140 square meters, we have too much stuff. So instead of shoving it all someplace, I’m trying to minimize. How can it be that we have so much stuff that we rarely use? (Hubs: I made a VERY efficient closet in our old apartment. Like Mary Poppin’s handbag really.)

In the midst of this consuming move, summer came and went.

Senna started walking independently. She squeals and flaps her arms when she sees ice cream.

Selah started bringing home bundles of wild flowers and fresh grass. She likes to play alone with her Little People and animals for 2+ hours.

Sianna started writing her own name. She still prefers coloring and cooking in her kitchen to anything else.

Schäfer started pretending he’s a pet dragon and Sianna is his master. He spent hours listening to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Narnia, and Story of the World Vol 2.

This was the summer of sand castles, ice cream, The Box Car Children, The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter, and all 4 children sleeping in one room.

This summer was fast and precious. It takes with it the sweet time when they were 7,5,3 and 1.

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