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Baby Basics :: Eating

This post should be called Baby Basics :: Anything that goes in their mouth!

Today, we are going to cover passies, medicine, thermometers, bottles, toothpaste etc.

Grab yourself a refreshing beverage. Here we go!

Breast Feeding As you might know, I had a rough, rough time breastfeeding Schäfer because of my own ignorance. I assumed

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Baby Basics :: Diapering

Cloth Diapers These days, the girls are in cloth diapers exclusively unless we are traveling. Cloth diapers seem to be an easy medium between split pants and expensive disposables.

For the full scoop on cloth diapering in the middle kingdom, read this post.

Cloth diapers are available on

Disposable Diapers

Before I knew

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Baby Basics :: Sleeping

Schäfer was born in December, but I didn’t set up his nursery until 4 months later.


It was a combination of factors including: my local friends who were also pregnant weren’t setting up nurseries, there wasn’t really anything cute to put in a baby’s room and I don’t naturally plan ahead.

Also, we didn’t

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Baby Basics :: Introduction

Schäfer – 8 minutes old.

Welcome to my Baby Basics blog series. I occasionally receive e-mails from first time Mom’s who either live in China or are about to move to China . These emails contain similar questions:

What can I get in China? What should I bring from America? What baby accessory did

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Our Adoption Journey

Our Adoption Timeline 07.04.07 1st contact with agency 12.17.07 dossier completed 12.29.07 LID 12.24.09 Matched 12.28.09 Received Referral 01.13.10 Travel Approval 01.24.10 Forever Family Day 02.02.10 Consulate Approval 07.16.10 US Citizenship

Thought While Waiting

When we began our adoption in 2007, expats were told to expect a 10-12 month wait. Of course, there were

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Packing for an International Adoption in China

It can be tough packing for an international adoption trip. Your heart is focused on a baby. Meanwhile, your mind is forced to make sure a crazy amount of paperwork is in order.

Rest assure, China is not lacking for baby products!

Proof #1.

Proof #2.

We can find these items locally:

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