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The America Awards 2014

We’ve been back in China for 5 months and 2 days. Part of being back has been processing all that we just experienced while spending 6 months in America.

Whew. We had some fun!

And so we present to you: The America Awards 2.0 A USDA certified organic, flax seed, omega 3,

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9/11 ten years later

On the morning of 9/11 Shorel and I were taking my grad-school roommate, Amy, to the airport. She was flying across the country to interview for a job that would place her in France.

Amy asked me to take her to the airport which I gladly would have done except we had to leave super

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10 Random Thoughts on America

1. One month in the USA. For us, spending just one month in the states felt really segmented. It’s not like we were in one location for the entire month. Hubs and I have the blessing of a cross-cultural marriage since I am from the south and he is basically Canadian. So, we must divide

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Heading East


During our final morning in Idaho, we walked through downtown Coeur ‘d Alene in search of breakfast. Idaho was a shocking 51 degrees!

Schäfer had to have his photo taken with Mudgy Moose.

Kaeleb too!

We had a great breakfast with Aunt Katrina, Trinity and Kaeleb. We found a great cafe

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Flight & Final Day in Idaho


We left the Arkansas homestead at 5am this morning for our 2.5 hour drive to Little Rock. When we checked in, I did something I’ve never done before. I simply said, “I’m traveling by myself with two kids and I’m 6 months pregnant. Do you think I could get a gate pass for my

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A Special Thanks


On my final day in Arkansas, I drove Sister to the Little Rock airport. We decided to leave the kids with Nanamaw and Grandmaw since they probably wouldn’t like 6 hours of car containment.

I am so thankful Sister came and spent an entire two weeks with us! She just had knee surgery

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