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Arkansas :: Indoor Fun


The kids both enjoy Nanamaw’s stash of toys and books. They sure do know how to tear up the living room!

Schäfer loves riding on the worm. Grandmaw’s house is designed in such a way that there’s “a loop” connecting every room.

Schäfer also loves to perch on Grandmaw’s walker.

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Arkansas :: The Big Pool


This morning we headed back to Aunt Cyn’s house to visit with my cousin Kelly and her two boys.

I promise you there’s no way Draylon and Tyler have grown this much. Surely Kelly is giving them too many multi-vitamins!

Draylon and Tyler were so sweet to play with Schäfer ALL

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Locks of Love


It was time.

One of my goals while we were in America was to get my hair cut.

I say goal because to get my hair cut, I have to leave the kids with someone. Thank you Grandmaw and Nanamaw for watching the kids this afternoon.

Sister drove us down to my Aunt’s hair

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Arkansas :: Play date with Joshua


On Friday, we had big plans for a play date with Joshua in El Dorado. If it weren’t for Sister, I don’t think we would have made it due to the Catfish Express I ate for supper the night before.

You should know that Catfish Expresss is a sacred meal for Hubs and I.

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Arkansas :: Our Favorite Spot


One of our favorite spots is to go (after naps) to the public library.

Sianna enjoyed crawling all over the place.

Schäfer enjoyed reading, reading and more reading.

Why crawl when I can stand?

Sianna shows her latest trick: carrying objects while crawling. What can I say? She must

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Arkansas :: Fun at Home


Sianna loves to swing. She’s added two teeth since entering Arkansas.

Schäfer will climb anything.

They spent several hours a day just like this.

One of the big treats (for Schäfer) was getting to eat jelly bellies with Grandmaw after nap time. Grandmaw is a jelly belly expert.


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