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Family Bike Ride to Hanauma Bay

Today we rented bikes and rode all the way to Hanauma Bay! That’s 10 miles there & 10 miles back. Yep. Schäfer rode 20 miles on the bike!

Hanauma Bay Family Bike Ride at EveryTrail

Of course we took a few breaks along the way…

Our first break came about 1.5 hours into our

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Mommy Mobile


After a very long, rainy Spring, Hubs finally had time to go down to the bike shop and get the parts to put on Schäfer’s new bike seat.

Introducing the Mommy Mobile. You might have a mini-van or an SUV. I’ve got 2 wheels perfect for 2 kids.

We’re never quite

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A Grave Ride

Finishing and decorating an apartment starts to take a toll on a person. I needed to get on the bike again.

This Saturday the weather was nice. Not sunny. Slightly cool. No rain.

So I hopped on the bike and just took off down a road.

I noticed more and more people along the

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Amidst Fields of Oranges

I woke up, looked out the window, and saw blue skies crowning the dawn of a new day.

It is a good day to ride.

On this day, I found myself riding with my buddies through fields of oranges. Billions of ripe tangerines to be precise. At every place we stopped to rest, I had

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WuDuHe: Riding Off Adoption Stress

It has been a little stressful the past couple weeks – primarily with the adoption. Today, I decided to go riding to blow off some stress. There is something freeing about riding – especially in China. Every road I pass leads down some unknown valley and beckons me to explore it.

Today, I went on

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The Halfway Point

I’ve always liked the halfway point.

Yesterday, I passed the half way point in my riding goal for the year (3233km), riding a total of 1640.55km up to now. Progress: 51% 1640.55 km at 19.09 km/h

My goal tracker states that… * A distance of 1592.62 km remains. * At current average speed, 83.4 hours

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