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A Hot Spot on Campus

Today I went with Ting to pick up a package. Instead of going to the post office, we went to the library where a pile of packages was waiting outside. I learned that all of these packages were ordered off the internet (mostly and shipped via a cheaper company. Good to know.

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Shocked and Amazed

When we applied for scholarships last fall, we didn’t expect anything to come of it. In January, we were both told we would be receiving scholarships, but we had no clue how much they were worth.

Last week, we were awarded our scholarship certificates and money – a full years tuition! We were shocked

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The Ice Cream Man

We’ve been having some horrendous humidity great ice cream weather.

Meet the Ice Cream Man. My definition of a V.I.P.

Pineapple and strawberry swirl please!

Campus Construction

When we first arrived, the campus had a creek bed but no water…for three years. Apparently, the water just seeped into the ground. Three years later they began working on a possible solution: concrete. Pave in the creek bed and put dirt on top of it to cover it up. We’ll see how it

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Sign Language

Sometimes there are signs at the entrances of our apartment complex informing us of when the power, water or gas might be turned off. Generally, things go as planned, but on Friday after our vegetables were cleaned and chopped, we turned on our gas to toss everything in the wok and alas there was

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Octagon House

Our campus has an octagon house which is currently not in use. Every time I walk past it I have a new vision of it’s purpose: a cafe, a cozy used bookstore, a stationary shop, a scrapbooking nook, etc.

Hubs: a BBQ hut.

It reminds us of the Octagon House in San Francisco we

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