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Freezing Fashion Show

When I was walking home from the post office, I stumbled upon this fashion show contest on campus. Models were working the catwalk while Enya provided some inspiration to strut in 40 degree weather just to be voted Three Gorges University’s Next Top Model.


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Dial 119 for Fire

Recently, I was invited to give a lecture on the American health care system at a local nursing college. Now, my mother is a nurse, but this doesn’t make me an expert on health care systems.

Since the lecture was to be given in Chinese, I had to learn a few new words and

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Art Appreciation

A friend exhibited his art in the university gallery. We went to check it out. Schäfer loved all the colors and tigers!

There were three styles of calligraphy in the exhibit. This middle font is Zhuang Shu, a more ancient form.

This font is Cao Shu. The brush hardly leaves the paper

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Team Building 101

These students took a moment for some team building outside of the classroom.

“Ok, maybe we should team build some more.”

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June & Judy

My friend, June, and her boyfriend, Judy, have English names. They selected the names themselves. Such is the plight of self selection of English names.

In Chinese, names can be nouns, adjectives or adverbs. It’s common to see names containing the characters for flower ??strong ??plum ?, red ?, great ?, ten-thousand ?, small ?

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Customer Service. Or Not.

Through our recent internet glitch we learned that our campus offers 24 hour internet customer service.

When we called customer service this is the automatic message we received:

ring. ring.

“Wait a moment. A Customer Service Representative will be right with you.”

ring. ring.

“Wait a moment. A Customer Service Representative will be right with

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