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2011 December Daily :: 23 :: Preschool Party

I wasn’t dreading today, but it was most definitely busy.

It began with baking cookies for Schäfer’s class party at 10am.

We were told that we would only have 15 minutes (snack time) for the party, but when we got there we were told we could stay as long as we wanted. Love that.

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2011 December Daily :: 20 :: Eggnog!

The day began with a little Christmas party from 9 – 12am. You gotta grab people when they’re available.

When Schäfer came home from preschool, all he wanted to do was read Curious George. I’m seriously considering recording my own audio book so he can listen to the stories over and over again.

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Local Preschool So Far…

Navigating Chinese preschool has a lot to do with the classroom teacher + the child’s personality. What works for my eldest may not work for my others. I’ve come to accept that.

Here’s our journey with local preschool’s thus far:

We put Schäfer in Bao Bao Ban at 2.5 years old because all his neighborhood

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Preschool Sports Day

On Saturday (10.22), the 2011 preschool sports day had arrived. All the students and family members of the Olive Class were requested to wear red. We represented.

The students (and one cheerleader) waited for the events to begin!

After the mandatory speeches by the principal, random father, random student and random teacher,

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Zhong Ban so far

Schäfer was the star student during the 3rd week of September.

We’re a month into Zhong Ban (four-year-old preschool). We had an interesting start, but I’d say we’ve finally found a good rhythm.

In September, Schäfer started school without any hesitation. Though he was sad that summer was over (swimming!), he easily walked back

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Project Runway: Apron Challenge

On Thursday (9.22), Schäfer came home from preschool with this note in his backpack.

The school was going to host a family fun day on Friday in honor of National Day (10/1). All of the Mom’s were expected to wear an apron.

Simple enough.

I’ve got an apron.

The following Tuesday, when I picked

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