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Black Dragon Hike

Sometime at the end of January I got it into my mind to go on an overnight hike. A friend of mine and I chose to hike the Black Dragon Pool trail. The beginning of the trail, leading up to a Dali marble quarry, is well worn by pack mules.

The views from the

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The Village Wedding


Hubs was out the door before the kids and a I were dressed. He worked all morning and planned on picking us up at 1:30pm for the wedding.

Schäfer started the day by asking: how may travel prizes he will receive if he can watch a movie on the iPod with the headphone splitter

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A Wedding in the Village

Last October, our friends were married in the city, but in January they traveled back to the groom’s village to celebrate with his family and friends.

Just before we entered the house, we saw the altar table with incense and food offered to the ancestors.

Once inside the courtyard, the kids found

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New Year’s Ride

On New Year’s Day, I joined the Mount Lu Ride sponsored by Red Bull. Because of how busy I had been the last couple months, I really hadn’t been on any medium-range rides. This was a good opportunity for me to get out with some of the riders and meet some new people.


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Wu’s Wedding

We woke up surrounded by beautiful, muddy countryside. Yesterday’s rain was still in effect today.

We had a $2 breakfast at a noodle shop. Then we waited for the bus to take us even further into the countryside. While we were standing in the rain on the side of the road waiting for

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Lu Shan: Day 2

About 100 year ago, Lushan was a world renowned resort. Here’s the history in short: A foreign guy manages to buy a bunch of land on top of the mountain and then sub-leases/sells subdivisions to various foreign organizations and governments in order for them to build summer villas. Thus when you start walking through the

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