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Lu Shan: Day 1

When we moved to Jiujiang, we heard of the nearby scenic attraction Mount Lu. My father mentioned seeing a small article about it in some Chinese picture book. Aside from that, we had never heard of the place. Little did we know that a century earlier Mount Lu was a famous mountain resort known worldwide.

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A Grave Ride

Finishing and decorating an apartment starts to take a toll on a person. I needed to get on the bike again.

This Saturday the weather was nice. Not sunny. Slightly cool. No rain.

So I hopped on the bike and just took off down a road.

I noticed more and more people along the

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Amidst Fields of Oranges

I woke up, looked out the window, and saw blue skies crowning the dawn of a new day.

It is a good day to ride.

On this day, I found myself riding with my buddies through fields of oranges. Billions of ripe tangerines to be precise. At every place we stopped to rest, I had

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WuDuHe: Riding Off Adoption Stress

It has been a little stressful the past couple weeks – primarily with the adoption. Today, I decided to go riding to blow off some stress. There is something freeing about riding – especially in China. Every road I pass leads down some unknown valley and beckons me to explore it.

Today, I went on

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From Cliff-carvings to Canyon Swimming


This particular Saturday the bike club was supposed to ride to the Three Gorges Dam, eat lunch, then take a boat back down the river.

I took off a little earlier with a couple of the faster riders to go check out some cliff-side carvings that I spotted on a previous ride, which are

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Off-road Road Biking

Last year, I sold my mountain bike and bought a road bike. Why? 95% of the roads around here are paved. I have very few trails to justify owning a mountain bike.

However, occasionally the local bike club (every member of which rides a knobby tire mountain bike) goes crazy and finds a dirt road.

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