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A Word from the Varsity

Last Thursday, Schäfer asked if he could quit first grade.

Oh my.

Then on Friday, I quit.

After a good cry and 20 minutes of silence, I returned and apologized.

Homeschooling isn’t at all like I thought it would be. There are some really great moments, but there’s also The Daily Grind. Yes, math is

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Homeschool Gathering 2013

From February 19 – 22, Schäfer and I were invited to attend a Homeschool Gathering.

Yep. This trip to Thailand was about medical checks + vacation + homeschool. We try to squeeze in as much as we can when buying 5 plane tickets.

Last year, I attended the Homeschool Gathering as a Mom rising into

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Hello Friday


10:58am I’m on day 2 of homeschool in the morning, I find it difficult to start on time since the dishes and laundry are screaming my name.

We had a good morning. It took longer than expected to get through phonics. That kind of day. Not that it was hard. It wasn’t. Just

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Homeschool in the Morning

The kids are out of Chinese school. It’s officially winter break in honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year (Feb. 10th). Yes, they get six weeks off. Horray!

So today was my first official day to homeschool in the morning.

It felt good not to be rushed. It was also interesting to try to

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Getting to 100

When Schäfer turned 4, he asked me to teach him to read. A friend recommended a book called “Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.

(Update: I now prefer “Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading” by Peace Hill Press)

It was such an easy beginning. Hubs decided that Schäfer should receive a

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