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Everytime I walk to the preschool…

Whenever I walk Schäfer to preschool, I always look both ways before I cross the street.

9:03am On my right, I see a Washington Monument replica.

9:03am On my left, see a Romanesque inspired apartment building.

Good morning world.


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Tulip Festival

There is a neighborhood nearby that planted thousands of tulips and hosted Jiujiang’s first ever Tulip Festival.

Seeing the bright colors was so inspiring.

The neighborhood turned the space around the playground into a field of tulips.

I loved this red one which faded into pink.

These yellow ones looked

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Around JiuJiang :: Walking Street

This is the beginning of Jiujiang’s walking street. It follows a partial route of the old city wall. Let’s begin at the river gate, which faces the…river. Not the actual gate, nor a reconstruction. Rather an artistic interpretation really. On one side of the gate the character say “tea city”. On the other side

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Around JiuJiang :: Lake District

On an unusually clear day, I took the camera and went for a bike ride around town.

Jiujiang is centered around Gantang Lake. All streets (like this one, Lushan South Road) are situated in relation to the lake or the canal that flows into it.

Gantang Lake is an ancient place with

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Around JiuJiang :: the Yangtze River

This is the entrance way to the Suojiang Pavilion.

Just inside are displayed… well, tourist scrolls and souvenirs. But let’s start with the view from the Suojiang Pavilion.

From here you can see up the Yangtze river.

On a relatively clear day, you can see villages across the river and watch

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Camp Papa Begins!

One Monday, I woke early to throw a few last minute-items in a carry-on and escort Sandra and Selah to a taxi. They were headed back to the land of warmth to learn how to teach the kids mo’ better. (Sandra was invited to a homeschooling gathering.)

Sure, one might say I wish I was

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