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Complete Randomness

Preschool :: This morning when I picked Schäfer up from preschool, I heard his class singing so I peaked around the corner and watched him preforming a new song in front of the class. The songs motions involve a friend so Schäfer picked out Xin Yi whose Mom was my first Chinese teacher. We were

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Children & Language Acquisition: What We’ve Learned So Far

I’d like to share the journey we took to get Schäfer’s Chinese flowing, but I’m hesitant because I don’t like children being compared to each other. Every child is different. Every situation is different.

That said, I’ve received a few e-mails asking what worked for us. I’m writing this post to share what we’ve tried

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French, Spanish or Chinese?

NBC News reports on Chinese being taught as a foreign language in a rural Oklahoma high school.

How To Pronounce Beijing

On Speaking Chinese

Second languages have never come easy for me.

I remember sitting in high school Spanish having a light bulb moment when we learned the word “Estados Unidos”.

“Like why don’t they just call America ‘the United States’ like everybody else does? …you mean every single word has to be said differently?”

This is called…monolingual.


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Translate Immediately…Oh And Could You…

We have a neighbor who is a famous symphony composer. The other busy day he popped in and asked if Hubs could translate his song…immediately. So, being the good natured jolly fellow that Hubs is, he agreed.

The song is going to be presented to some Beijing Olympic Song Committee. It may or may not

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