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“Aloha” from the HSK Testing Center

When you are Celebrity Hubs, it’s hard to keep up with all the blogging. Consider this catch-up.

The day after Thanksgiving (photos recently added), I traveled to Wuhan, the provincial capital, in order to take the HanYu Shuipin Kaoshi (HSK) which is the standard test of Chinese proficiency for foreign students of Chinese in

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That Which Is Archaic

During one of my first Chinese classes, the word “telegram” ?? was in the word bank. I had only been in China for a few days and I was not expecting any telegrams. I became rather frustrated with my teacher who gave us a 5 minute lecture on how to use the word telegram. Yes,

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Competition Chaos

Last we mentioned, I won the Three Gorges University Chinese language competition. After the competition, I learned that the top three would move on to the next round.

The following day, I began studying in preparation for the provincial competition in Wuhan next month. The university liaison gave me a study guide which I needed

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Chinese Competition

On April 21st, I was invited to participate in the first annual Three Gorges University Foreign Student Chinese Language Preliminary Competition. (Chinese love competitions, especially speech competitions.) The competitors included myself, 7 Nepalese and 2 Indian students. (The Indians and Nepalese are part of the medical program at the University.) There were four sections

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Right now the campus is empty. The food alley is barren. The market place is looking a little less busy. Chinese New Year is almost here. Even though classes aren’t in session we need to continue our studies. One simple way we do so is through a podcast called They broadcast simple language lessons

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Chinese Proverbs

???? jiúni?y?mào “The loss of one hair from nine oxen” — something appears insignificant but it’s actually of great importance

???? qíhuòk?j? “Precious treasure worth treasuring”

???? y?zìqi?nj?n “One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold” — a literary masterpiece

???? gu?zúbùqián “Binding your feet to prevent your own progress” — nonadvancement due

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