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Creating a Summer Bucket List

Today, I felt summer passing quickly.

Maybe it was when I made our 439th strawberry/mango/banana smoothie. Or when the kids starting playing “Galapagos Marine Iguana” again.

Today, I knew these easy, slow days would not be ours forever.

Summer has been awesome so far. In June, we went to the beach, rode

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An interview with Schäfer – age 7

Age 4 interview here. Age 5 interview here. Age 6 interview here.

What can we say about Schäfer?

He’s pure sunshine. He loves to play outside. He’s become a great swimmer – with his goggles on. He likes airplanes and air craft carriers. He loves to look at books. He eats a ton. He loves

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Interview with Schäfer at age 6

What can we say about Schäfer? He’s pure sunshine. He wakes happy and ready to go each morning. He dresses himself, makes his bed and goes downstairs to set the table for breakfast.

Schäfer will eat anything and a lot of it!

Schäfer is a great sleeper. He no longer needs a nap.

He loves

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Getting to 100

When Schäfer turned 4, he asked me to teach him to read. A friend recommended a book called “Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.

(Update: I now prefer “Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading” by Peace Hill Press)

It was such an easy beginning. Hubs decided that Schäfer should receive a

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