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One Year Ago…08.08.08

Can you believe a year ago today the Olympics opened in Beijing?

I remember the energy. The contagious excitement.

The Torch Relay. The Fu Wa. The countdown clock.

Listening to Beijing Welcomes You. Yes, at times, that song still starts spontaneously playing in my head.

We know exactly where we were at 8pm on 08.08.08

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On 08.08.08

We woke up on 08.08.08 excited that the Olympics had finally arrived. It seemed surreal. We’d been waiting for this day for such a long time! The day began with a bike club gathering and official Olympic spin along the river. A local torch bearer came so Hubs and Schäfer got to hold the

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Olympic Ceremony – LIVE UPDATE

Since we don’t have cable at our house (and the rabbit ears refused to pick up a channel), we went to our friend’s house to watch the opening ceremony.

I am compelled to tell you that we did buy blueberry Lay’s as a snack. They were on sale. Blueberry Lay’s taste like a Toaster

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Beijing Welcomes You!

14 days to go until 08.08.08

This song is being played non-stop on the flat screen’s in buses, taxis, and the subway.

Since it’s stuck in my head, I thought I’d stick it in your head too share it with you.

Here are the English Lyrics (as translated by Jackie Chan)

Beijing Huanying Ni

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Beijing Day 4



The day was odd. There were redeeming qualities, but overall I was thankful we’re here for almost two weeks.

The morning was consumed by the train station. Oh how we yearn for the day when round-trip tickets can be purchased – or how about ordering tickets on-line!


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An Olympic Torch

While out on the bike last week, I visited my buddy who runs a bike shop. To my surprise, one of the Yichang Olympic torch runners was there with his torch. (All torch bearers keep their torch.)

The torch was surprisingly light weight. The red part was textured so it could not easily slip

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