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Creating a Summer Bucket List

Today, I felt summer passing quickly.

Maybe it was when I made our 439th strawberry/mango/banana smoothie. Or when the kids starting playing “Galapagos Marine Iguana” again.

Today, I knew these easy, slow days would not be ours forever.

Summer has been awesome so far. In June, we went to the beach, rode

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Sianna’s 4th birthday interview

interview at age three

Sianna is a blessing to our family! We love her so very much. She has grown so much this year.

She still has some night terrors, but she is sleeping better.

She LOVES Selah. They play together so well.

She also loves to play Lego with Schäfer.

Sianna loves cupcakes, reading

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Her name

When it came to naming Sianna, we had a difficult time.

Well, I should say that when it comes to naming any baby Hubs and I have a difficult time.

I wanted to leave the letter “s”. Hubs wanted to keep going with the “s” theme.

Names Hubs liked: Sia, Sianna/Siana, Sianne,

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