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Market Day

For the last 2 years, we’ve lived in 90 square meters.

One would think that this situation would be the perfect opportunity to downsize.

We did.

A new season in life brought a few additional changes as well. After Senna’s birth, I no longer needed to keep my pregnancy clothes. I no

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Summer 2014 // Over & Out

Suddenly, summer ended.

I was quite caught off guard by it all.

Yesterday, on a hunch, I thought that Sianna’s Chinese school might be starting up.

After a text to the principal, it was confirmed. Come Monday morning, Sianna would be back in Chinese school for 1/2 days.

Also this week, we will go

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Watching • absolutely nothing. I’m ready for a new season of Downtown Abbey.

Listening • I’ve found that I like to listen to podcast when I run. I know some people listen to them when they fold laundry or do dishes, but my kids are always asking me something so running is the one time

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Movie Stars for 10 minutes

On Tuesday, we went down to the police station to renew our residence permits. When we returned home, a friend called to say that the police station is making a movie on Friday and they wanted our family to be in it.

Hubs politely declined since he had an important appointment on Friday afternoon. Our

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12 years in :: 12 years out

If someone were to ask me where I was from, I would say, “Arkansas.”

I lived in Arkansas from 5th grade through college graduation.

I haven’t lived there since.

Recently, I realized that I’ve lived in China for 12 years.

That’s the same amount of time I lived in Arkansas, but

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Writers Block :: Get Thee Behind Me

I stopped blogging in April 2012.

I’ve basically had writers block for 2 years and 3 months.

Yes, there was an occasional post there and there, but it was forced. There was no natural flow.

I asked Hubs to take down the blog. I told him I was done.

He told

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